Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Blog Post 8

Here is a link to my first impressions video:

A pro about this would be; I made eye contact with the employer.
A con; the sound isn't very loud and as well I talked a bit too fast.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Research a Company

From researching the company Revera, I have found the following information that I found to be quite interesting. Below I have made points as well citing the information.

1. Students feel that music and recreational activities play a role in overall health and well-being of the residents in the homes.

2. Nursing homes like Revera include nonprofits, municipalities, and private companies.

3. As well in the same article I found that they are licensed, controlled, amd partially funded by provincial governments. And the maximum price for homes in Ontario can be $2,162 per month.

Aston, D. (2010, Retirement home 2.0. MoneySense, 12(3), 18-19. Retrieved from 

Student nurses encourage musical interaction. (2011, Dec 04). The Liberal, pp. 1. Retrieved from

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blog Post 4

Some pros of an apprenticeship program are: less expensive, get paid on the job, hands on training by skilled employers, and a high chance of getting a job there. I personally wouldn't go into an apprenticeship because I like the school environment, and as well was in somewhat the same opportunity.

Bridge programs that I have thought about would be after completing my dipolma at St.Lawrence College in Child and Youth worker, I can go to almost any University to comeplete my degree in many fields.

Blog Post 5

My warm call experience went good. I messaged a girl that I somewhat know on facebook and asked her about the Child and Youth Worker program at St.Lawrence College, as she is currently in it right now and finishing this year. She told me it is a really good program there, and that the professors are great. This message gave me a better insight that I am choosing a great program at a good college!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Blog Post #3

The 3 Careers that I researched on Working in Canada were:
1. Child & Youth Worker

2. Developmental Service Worker
3. Psychiatric Aid
For all 3 you need a diploma or a college certificate.
In September I plan on taking the Child & Youth Worker program anyways, so seeing that there are jobs available is a good thing!

Blog Post #2

My top 3 that career cruising suggested were: Mental Health Nurse, Child & Youth Worker, and Psychiatric Aid. The one's that I investigated were: Child & Youth Worker, Developmental Service Worker and Gerontologist. The one's that I will do further research on would have to be: Child & Youth Worker which I want to take next year, and Developmental Service Worker.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blog Post 1 - Introduction

My name is Ashley Jones. I am currently in the General Arts and Science program. This blog is a record of what I learn through discussions and information in the Careers and Academic Choices class this semester.